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Discover your benefits.

Our application consists of advantages across the user board.

Whether you're a player, a coach, an academy or a nutritionist, we have you covered.

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Why Us?

We offer you the best selections, at the best prices.

With an expanding series of turfs, classes and equipment, we're aspiring to change the way India plays and keeps healthy.

For Instructors

Here's everything we offer, for instructors/coaches who sign up through our platform.

  • an immersive, calendar-driven interface to manage your bookings, at extremely low commissions

  • free access to a vast and diverse clientele, across multiple cities

  • the ability to list and optimize your coaching, fitness or sports medicine practice

  • help in building an online brand and presence

  • the ability to conduct classes, and grow your audience

  • online + offline support

  • access to hundreds of communities

Soccer World Cup

Find communities.
Find coaches.
Find everything.


Whether you love playing with your friends, or merely keeping fit,

we have you covered.

  • search for and book from a wide selection of turfs, pitches and courts in your city, instantly

  • find qualified and credible coaches, to elevate your game

  • transform your diet, with one of our nutritionists

  • find local referees to keep your friendly 5-a-side fair 

  • discover the lifestyle you were meant for, with one of our wellness instructors

Discover your inner athlete.

Race Track

Turfs, Gyms & Academies

Do you own a gym, academy or sporting facility? Join the beSportly family today!

  • find new members, players and users through our platform

  • centralize your pricing in one place

  • access our coaches, free of cost

  • access our equipment marketplaces and communities

  • manage new subscriptions and programs through us!

  • enjoy all of the above, at remarkably low booking commissions (<5%)

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